8 Easy tips to Winter Proof your Make up

Whilst we all enjoy the festive period, we use any excuse to get dressed up and make that extra bit of effort for winter. But unfortunately the winter weather can wreak havoc on your looks. Here we have 10 easy tips to winter proof your make up.

1.      Defeat the Dehydration

Whilst a simple tip, often forgotten. In the coldest of months dry patches will begin to build up on the surface of your skin leaving you less radiant. Try and boost your glow by gently exfoliating once a week, followed by a layer of moisturiser whilst your skin is still damp, locking in the hydration. As much as we can use endless amounts of moisturisers always remember that the best way to keep your skin and body hydrated is by drinking plenty of water.

2.      Change your Cleanser

We tend to use foam, gel based cleansers for our skin but over the winter months it’s recommended to use a creamy cleanser as they contain fewer skin oil stripping ingredients. This will help leave your skin feeling more moisturised.


3.      Moisturise

We’ve previously mentioned its best to moisturise when you first come out of the shower as this helps lock in moisture. However, try and add moisturiser to your foundation mixing in equal parts before applying or even try tinted moisturiser.


4.      Protection

The harsh elements outdoors can cause some damage to our skin. Even with extra skin care treatments in place we can sometimes be subject to blistering winds attacking our skin. For added protection wrap up warm with hats, scarfs and gloves. Try and bundle your scarf around your neck and nose.

5.      Waterproof

With wintery gusts of winds it can make us quite teary. Wind proof your make up with waterproof mascara and eyeliner to keep those lashes in place.


6.      Pout Perfection

Keep those lips looking good with tinted lip balm. Always make sure your lips are hydrated so they don’t start flaking. Avoid matte or long wear lipsticks as they can be very drying.

7.      Wake up

We can all look and feel a little dull over the winter months so try and use make up colours that are warmer toned to brighten up your features.


8.      Overnight Boost

Treat yourself at night to a hydrating face mask to help recover your skin after a long day of wearing make up. Either try a creamy face mask or a rich night cream on your face for 5-15 minutes to help hydrate your skin.