Keeping Your Car On The Road

For many of us driving is a liberty which we enjoy but often take for granted until our cars start making worrying noises coupled with the car lurching or the engine producing smoke. Through this article we will discuss the benefits to driving as well as how to take good care and maintain your car to ensure that it stays on the road as long as possible.

Basic Maintenance

For many of us there are a number of basic checks that can be undertaken over a period of weeks to ensure that our cars are in good working order. One of the most basic and fundamental checks that you can do is checking the oil level. The oil level is very important as running your car with a low oil level can mean that severe damaged will be caused to the internals of the engine. Essentially engine oil acts as a lubricant ensuring the engines pistons can move up and down without causing friction and damaging the engine itself. This only has to be done once every two weeks or so and ensures that your car is prepared for long journeys.

Another basic maintenance check which you can do is tyre pressure. Tyre pressure can be checked using tyre pressure gauge or machine at a fuel station. It is very important to ensure that your tyres are inflated correctly to manufacturers specifications or they could lead to poor fuel economy or potentially worse damaged tyres. Under inflated tyres can result in a loss of handling and cause a serious accident. This is a very basic and easy check to do and can save risks on the road.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is arguably one of the most fundamental skills to have as a new driver. Driving is an activity where you always need to be concentrating in order to be driving effectively. Even the slightest lapse of concentration can have catastrophic consequences. One of the reasons defensive driving is important is often it is hard to predict what other road users are going to do. This means that it is always worth being prepared for unexpected manoeuvres and for other drivers to make mistakes. Motorcyclists are amongst the most alert road users as they are harder to spot than cars and as a result always ride defensively to ensure their safety.

Rust Prevention And Cleaning/Storage

For many car owners keeping a car clean and free of rust is something that is neglected. Some of the best ways to do this are washing and waxing your car roughly every month to ensure it is clean and rust free. Additional washes may be needed if the car has got dirty in a matter of days. A good way to prevent rust build up is store your car in a locked garage if possible. As well helping to protect the car from deterioration this can also help to secure the car from theft. A good alternative to keeping your car in storage is to use a cover for it to prevent build up of dirt or rust.