Mitigating The Threat Of Penetrating Damp

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Mitigating the overall threat that penetrating damp presents is very important and should be done with care. Doing this ensures that your property is protected and means that anyone inside your property can continue to live in a safe and habitable environment.

Penetrating damp

Recognising The Threat Of Penetrating Damp

There are many different negative effects on a household that can be attributed to penetrating damp. One of the effects this can have is holes in your household’s walls. Holes in the walls can lead to flooding within your property as well as poor heat efficiency.

Another damaging effect of penetrating damp on a property is weakened property structure. Damp can seep into the walls and mortar around your property leading to a weakening of the walls and general structure of your property. This can be extremely damaging therefore it is very important that this issue is addressed where possible.

A third issue commonly associated with this kind of damp is rotting and dampness inside as well as outside the property. When penetrating damp takes hold , it can adversely affect a building and it’s living conditions. Often properties affected by this issue are left with damp musty smells and materials beginning to rot inside the property.

Penetrating damp

How Can Damp Be Prevented?

Preventing damp should be one of your top priorities when looking to improve your household. This is because damp is one of the major causes of damage within homes and can lead to an array of other issues which may be difficult to resolve.

An excellent way through which you can tackle this issue is by using a specialist damp repair service. These repair services are run by experienced property experts who have years of experience in dealing with damp and other common serious property issues.

Due to the severity of the problems that damp can cause, its always advisable to use the help of a professional in order to ensure that the issues is properly eliminated from your home. Once you have had damp repairs completed on your property, it may be worth considering damp proofing as this can help to prevent future issues from occurring and greatly restricts the damage that they can cause.

Penetrating damp

Other Measures You Can Take

Of course as well as using the services of a professional damp repair company, there are other ways in which you can prevent damp. One of the most common and effective ways of preventing damp is ventilation.

Effectively ventilating your property is a key way through which you can ensure that moisture and condensation does not build up within your property. Moisture and condensation are two of the biggest risk factors in your home as they can lead to damp developing in various forms.

To ensure that your home is well ventilated, be sure to open windows and air vents around the property after cooking or using hot water. Steam and moisture will lead to damp if they are not allowed to leave the property. Having an extractor fan for the kitchen is another great way in which this can be achieved.