Preparing For Winter Guide

Winter time can be a great time in the UK as it is often associated with snow , family , friends and plenty of Christmas food. However over the winter months in the UK we often encounter unpredictable and sometimes very serious weather conditions that can rock the country to its core. Therefore we have written up this guide to help you through the winter months.

The Weather

Planning ahead for the weather is one of the best things that you can do when looking ahead at the winter months. Weather forecasts have become much more accurate over previous years and as a result we have a better ability to be able to prepare for severe weather. Having said this , try to avoid all but essential travel when there is heavy snow and make sure you wear several layers of warm clothing.

Bring with you a rucksack with some food supplies , a torch and any other misc items you may need if you are travelling a distance. Same principle applies if you are in your car , ensure that you have adequate food and drink as well as spare clothing. There have been instances in previous years where people have been caught in traffic in the snow exposed to freezing temperatures and this is why it is important to plan ahead and bring essential supplies.

Prepping Your Transport

As well as checking the weather prior to journeys it is important that your transport is also ready to encounter the weather conditions. If you live in a rural area you will likely have a car or SUV. If this is the case there are several things that you can do to improve its overall reliability and performance in the snow.

One step that you can take to ensure that your transport is suitable for snowy conditions is the addition of winter tyres. Winter tyres are tyres that are specially designed for the winter conditions with in built treads which are deeper and grip much more effectively against the snow. Winter tyres can make the difference between getting stuck or not getting stuck.

As well as the addition of winter tyres, there are a number of other adjustments which can be made in order to ensure that you are prepared to make sure that they are ready for the snow. Another major factor which can affect vehicles in the winter is the cold.

The cold can cause batteries to die , doors to freeze into place and treacherous driving conditions. An effective way in which you can prevent this is by starting the car regularly. Starting your cars engine every 2 days or so and letting it run or taking it on a drive can help to prevent the battery from dying and keep the engine and car in good shape.

Alternatively , you can also store your vehicles in a garage facility over winter. The same rule applies with the battery terminal unless you disconnect and charge it. This can help prolong the life of your car as well.