Review of Top Pallet Trolleys Supplier: LLM Handling Ltd

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LLM Handling is one of the more reputable suppliers of forward thinking materials handling equipment. Boasting an impressive stock of the most innovative lifting machines and warehouse equipment, LLM Handling are a go to for all the top players in the industrial market. Providing machinery, such as pallet trolleys, that acts as pillars for the industrial markets, making is easy and safe to transport heavy duty items across storerooms and warehouses alike. Taking advice from an industry insider we have highlighted below some of the best qualities and products of this materials handling mogul, LLM Handling.

LLM Handling Contact Information

If you require a trustworthy, materials handling Solutions Company for your pallet trolleys or any other products you can contact LLM Handling with the information below.

LLM Handling Equipment

Unit 12, Murray House, Murray Road, Otterhsaw, Surrey, KT16 0HW, 01932 807377

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Why Choose LLM Handling

This company prides itself in being a superior brand within its industry and are fully committed to delivery premium products as well as impressive customer service skills. Extensive training is carried out with every team member, at every level, to ensure that everyone is on the same wave length when it comes to working for LLM. The sales team in particular are fully briefed on every level of the manufacturing side of things to ensure they are able to help customer efficiently. On top of that the prices are remarkable considering the quality of the products.

Products Available From LLM

There are a range of products available for purchase from LLM Handling including pallet trolleys (manual and electric), static scissor lift tables (manual and electric), and pallet stackers (manual and electric) as well as mobile scissor lift tables.

Pallet Trolleys from LLM Handling

Pallet trolleys, also known as pallet trucks or pallet movers, are an essential product within the industrial and storage trades. They are one of the most popular forms of equipment used for handling materials since they offer an amazing lifting solution for both light and heavy materials.

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Further Benefits of Using LLM Handling for Your Material Moving Supplies

All products supplied by LLM handling is brand new and thoroughly tested so you don’t have to be worried about breakdowns or malfunctions due to poorly made or sub-standard products. Plus all of the equipment is delivered to you ready to use. This means you can get to work straight away and not time is wasted when buying from LLM. This respectable company know how important it is for your business to have products of the highest quality to ensure fast paced work but also to ensure safety of your staff members.

Big Brands Using LLM Handling Products

Some of LLM Handling’s clients you may have heard of include but ae not limited to BP, British Red Cross, Etihad Airways, Glaxo Smith Kline, University of Exeter, Honda Logistics, Tokheim and Hawk Eye Innovations. As you can see there are businesses of all kinds who rely on LLM for all their materials handling solutions.