The Benefits Of Triple Glazing Glasgow

triple glazing Glasgow

Triple glazing Glasgow could be a target for future property developers across the city as the there are many benefits to triple glazing properties within the city. In this article we will discuss what exactly triple glazing is as well as the benefits it can bring as well as other forms of window/home improvement methods.

What Is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing is a form of window which has 3 layers rather than traditional single or double glazing which have two sections of glass. The reason behind this is it is much better at insulating a property and also soundproofing a property. Triple glazing originally started becoming popular in Nordic countries and has become one of the most popular types of windows in those countries. This is partly due to its heat insulating capabilities.

Why Are Property Companies Considering Triple Glazing Glasgow?

There are a number of different reasons as to why companies are considering triple glazing Glasgow. One of the main reasons for triple glazing windows are there heat insulating properties. As well as being good at heat insulation triple glazing windows can also help to absorb damp. This means that there would be a great reduction in condensation and damp build up which can damage a property as well as inhabitants if left untreated.

triple glazing Glasgow

Heating loss as well as damp and condensation is a common issue for properties across Glasgow due to the damp and often cool and wet climate. The installation of triple glazing windows on properties would help to greatly reduce these effects. An additional advantage of triple glazing is that it can reduce the effects of harmful UV rays from the sun. These rays can damage furniture and other items. Triple glazing helps to filter and reduce the effects of this.

triple glazing Glasgow

Alternative Forms Of Windows

As well as triple glazing there are of course a range of different windows that can be installed on properties. One of the most common is single glazing. Single glazing is the most basic of window glazing and only provides one layer of protection/insulation from the outside elements. During cold and wet weather this type of window can become susceptible to damp as well as rot and condensation.

Furthermore single glazing windows are more fragile than triple or double glazing. Another form of window is double glazing. Double glazing is the next step up from single glazing and provides additional features such as being able to tilt or open certain ways whereas traditional single glazing windows tend to only open one way. Double glazing windows have significantly better soundproofing and insulation properties than single glazing windows.


To Conclude there is a range of different windows available to consumers across the UK. Which window is most effective very much depends on the type of property , larger properties generally benefit from thicker windows such as triple glazing whereas smaller properties may benefit from double glazing as the property could become too stuffy or over insulated depending on how well ventilated the property is.