The Importance Of Children’s Physical And Mental Health

It’s Importance

A children’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. Mental health can be fragile, and with children, mental health issues may not develop until later in life and can root from strained relationships, lack of self-esteem, abuse, bullying etc. It is important for parents to understand how vital it is to keep an eye on their child’s physical and mental wellbeing and be aware of any changes.

Stable Relationships

Stable relationships with adults provide consistent, nurturing, and protective interactions to young children. These interactions help them develop adaptive capacities. Safe environments promote learning, well-regulated stress response systems, and active exploration and social connections. Sound nutrition promotes healthful eating habits, beginning with the nutritional status of the future mother. The relationships between the different influences change over time. Children are constantly growing and developing, and the health of their developing bodies is dependent on these factors.


The Committee’s definition of health refers to “a positive resource” that provides children with the capacity to develop and meet their needs. This definition incorporates the theory of development and identifies a fundamental principle: optimizing function over time. This definition also emphasizes intrinsic characteristics and resources of children for interacting with their environment. By using this definition, health is better understood as a holistic concept. The key to creating healthy environments for children is to think of the whole picture and develop a strategy.

Changes In Time

Changing social and cultural norms have changed the roles of children throughout history. Children in early industrial societies were expected to work and care for one another. Those who survived were expected to work and contribute to the family’s economy and to support their aging parents. The role of children in society is changing, but the fundamental principles remain the same. Regardless of the challenges that children face today, the importance of health care cannot be underestimated.