Tips for Better Living | How to Stay Healthy at the Office

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Working full time can make it difficult to stay healthy. If you suffer from stress caused by your job then it can lead you to eating impulsively in attempt to relieve the pressure. Or if you are feeling tired from working hard it can be extremely difficult to make the effort to exercise. Plus there is the obvious downside of remaining immobile for most of the day. Everyone with an office job suffers similar problems. Not to mention the likelihood that you have bad posture while you sit due to being stressed and tired. Generally it is a vicious cycle. However it is possible to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle while working. The trick is to make the effort to break the cycle and stick to it until it becomes part of your natural routine. Follow these tips to stay healthy at the office and set yourself off on the path to a healthier, happier life.

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Tidy Your Desk

Let’s start with an easy one. They say that living (and working) in a clear and tidy space can help to clear and settle your mind. Not convinced? If your house is a mess, with piles of dishes everywhere and bins to take out, do you get excited at the thought of cleaning it all and doing home improvement projects? You certainly don’t. It’s the same at your work desk. Avoid having random papers everywhere and do not have any litter at your desk. Keeping it clean and tidy will help make you feel more settled which is much better for your health. Also you should clean your desk regularly, think of all the germs on your keyboard, mouse and phone. Invest in some antibacterial wipes or spray and once a week give everything a good clean. Coming into a clear and tidy space every morning will make your entire day that bit better plus if you aren’t struggling to find your notes or gadgets then you will probably enjoy your work tasks a bit better too!

The One Hour Rule

This is probably new to you and one you might feel weird doing especially if you work in a small, close knit environment. However, sitting and remaining immobile is not good for you. Unfortunately for many of us our jobs require us to sit at a desk for hours at a time. Solution: The One Hour Rule. At least once every hour get up out of your seat and get your body moving. Whether it is to make a coffee, a drink of water or even just a walk down the corridor and back it will do your body good to get the blood flowing.

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Drink More Water

The age old solution to almost everything. This is a rule for everyone whether working or not: drink plenty of water. Dehydration leads to headaches and feeling unwell which will reduce productivity. Water is also good for your muscles if you are not using them throughout the day.


Cut Out Fast Food

This is the most difficult rule to follow. Fast food, or any packaged food is generally full of salt, fat and sugar and is not good for you at all. Plus since you are sitting down all day you are not able to burn any of it off. Try eating light yet filling foods, such as salad with chicken or tuna. The best practice to eating healthy at work is by meal prepping so that you are not tempted. Making your lunches and snacks will also save you money which is definitely good for you.