Understanding Engineering Glasgow in Scotland

Engineering Glasgow

There are a number of interesting areas of engineering Glasgow that will delight those who love to read about them and are particularly fond of naval architecture. These include works on civil engineering such as buildings and also dams, as well as a number of important bridges. Another group of professionals who may enjoy a visit are oil rig workers who will be looking at new oil platforms being built in the North Sea. Of course, there is much more to see and do in Glasgow than this, and visitors who are keen to know more about the history of the city and what is happening in it today should take a look at some of the many museums and galleries.

Engineering Glasgow

The Importance Of Engineering Glasgow

Amongst the naval architecture in Glasgow that visitors will be very interested in are those on the famous Strathclyde Peninsula. This region has been a major tourist attraction since it was discovered by Captain James Cook in the 1770s and was one of the world’s first harbours. Today it is still a vital part of the regional economy and home to over twelve thousand people who live in it.

Some of the buildings in this area date back to the fourteenth century and are now open to the public, although many of them are badly damaged. Fortunately, there are still a number of these buildings which are open to the public and visitors who want to learn about the interesting history of Strathclyde can make sure that they are not disappointed with what they find. These old sites are excellent monuments to engineering Glasgows past history.

Other Sites In Scotland

In addition to engineering Glasgow, there were of course many other engineering feats achieved across Scotland. Boat owners will also be especially interested in seeing some of the wonderful views that can be had at Craigellachie. This area of Strathclyde was a significant point of trade during the middle ages. The area was heavily involved in the shipping and fishing industries and was known for its thriving fishing industry. It is easy to see why it was chosen by captain Cook when he landed here and the picture of the impressive navy base that now exists there is well worth visiting. Those interested in the marine engineering of the area will love what they find here, and those who want to read less about it will probably want to skip over this section.

Over at Cairns there is a very popular theme park with many rides for all ages and skill levels. Many of the rides even feature the original steam train from the 1800s. There are also many theme parks including Waterworld and Wet and Wild. Both of these theme parks are well worth a visit. Of course, the all-ages Waterworld is a great place for the younger kids to experience water and enjoy a day or two of fun.

Engineering History

Those looking for more historical interest can visit Loch Lein Country Park. Here they will be able to view many of the impressive landmarks that are still standing from this time period. This is also a great site for visitors who have an interest in military history. Military tanks, buildings and other important military equipment can be viewed. While at Loch Lein Country Park, it would also be wise to take the time to enjoy a wander around its open air camping area as well. Engineering Glasgow in addition to this town played a significant role in the overall industrial war effort.

A few hours north of Inverness you will find the village of Inverness. Here you will find the historic Glengowla Mines. This is a great site for anyone who has an appreciation for old mining areas. While here you may also try a visit to the local Inverness shops, pubs and other businesses.