Upholstery Foam: What You Need To Know?

Upholstery foam

Upholstery foam also called an upholstery sponge, is a group of flexible polyurethane foams of different densities and stiffness, and thus also differ in types of application. It is an ideal insulator created as a result of the action of polycarbonate with water and subsequent decarboxylation.

The cost of upholstery foam varies widely depending on the manufacturer. Generally, you do want to pay for very high-quality upholstery foam because if you do so you are not likely to have it for long. The more expensive the upholstery foam, the more durable it will be. While a high-quality sofa for watching sport will require high-quality upholstery foam, you do not necessarily need top-of-the-line upholstery foam for your seating area which is not used as much.

upholstered furniture

Most modern upholstery fabrics are made from either polyurethane or an advanced version of the same material as polyurethane known as PMMA (medium-density modular). They are strong and dry out very quickly. The material is lightweight but because of its properties, rigid upholstery foams are used mainly for seats, backsplashes and other non-visual furniture upholstery. While they are very durable, they are not waterproof and you would not want to use them in a humid room. Polyurethane is also cheaper than polyurethane foam and can be purchased in a wide range of colors, usually the darker the color the less it will cost but this may not be always the case.

It is also important to find out what density your upholstery foam is because this can affect how well it will absorb moisture. A higher density usually means that the foam will not absorb as much moisture, but may still feel damp when sitting on. If you are looking at getting new cushions for your seats, make sure you check what density the seat cushion is by finding out how much weight the seat cushion has. The higher the weight the more durable the seat cushion.

upholstered furniture

Final Words

It is worth knowing at least the basics of knowledge about this material, as this knowledge will allow you to select the most appropriate material for upholstery purposes. But the most important thing to remember is to always choose the type of sponge in accordance with the intensity of use of your furniture.