Why To Consider Converting Slides To Digital Format

Slides to digital

Converting slides to digital format is an important decision which can make a significant overall difference to the quality of photos you have on record and how easy they are to access and transfer to different platforms. Although older technology can have intertwined with it special memories it is important to adapt to newer technology when possible.

What Are Photographic Slides And Are They Still Popular?

Photographic slides are a type of slide which typically has an image on a transparent background. These slides are still used by a small hardcore niche of photographers. However as time has gone on more and more facilities that produce or repair photographic slides have shut down due to lack of demand as well as the development of camera technology in smart phones and also the development of digital photographic technology in general.

Slides to digital

Sadly due to this decrease in demand for this particular type of photography it is becoming increasingly difficult to find photographic slides or specialists who are able to work on this particular type of photograph. This is one of the key reasons why it is advisable to transfer photographs stored on these slides to a digital format e.g dvd.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Converting Slides To Digital Format?

  • Slides in their basic form are fairly susceptible to issues such as damage and deterioration over time. Digital forms of media are not as susceptible to this issue
  • Having the content from the slides on a digital format means their content can be moved onto multiple platforms with ease allowing for far greater overall accessibility
  • Far more support available for media stored on a digital platform
  • Copies can be made of media in a digital format far easier than copies can be made for slides overall
  • Higher levels of overall quality and potentially more colour in the photos stored.

Slides to digital

How Easy Is The Process Overall?

The process to ensure that your slides are converted to digital couldn’t be easier! there are a number of companies that specialise in this process that can take postal orders and will return both the original and new copy of your media onto a cd or dvd .

Whats great about this process is that it is virtually hassle free for anyone using it. Items simply have to be sent in the post with payment and within a matter of days the items will be returned alongside digital copies which have been formatted ready for use. Overall the process is easy and virtually hassle free overall.

Slides to digital

Should You Consider Converting Slides?

Overall you should consider converting slides to digital as there are a wide range of different advantages that can come as a result of doing this. Clearly due to the lack of support available for photographic slides it may be well worth considering converting your slides.

There are many different services and companies to choose from in order to do this and overall it is likely to benefit you in the long run as it can provide multiple back up copies for the future.